DFG Schwerpunktsprogramm Giant interactions in Rydberg Systems (GiRyd)

The combination of ultra cold atoms and high resolution laser spectroscopy of Rydberg atoms has enabled the observation of very strong interactions between Rydberg atoms, the so-called Rydberg Blockade. Triggered by this milestone a new research field emerged which is branching out from atomic physics to molecular physics, physical chemistry, many-body physics, quantum information processing, quantum simulation, quantum optics, and semiconductor physics as well as surface physics and sensor applications.

November 8th, 2021:
Online Seminar: "The linewidth broadening of exciton resonances in GaAs-based quantum wells" (Pavel A. Belov, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia)
May 21st, 2021:
SAVE THE DATE --- The GiRyd Status Workshop 2022 will take place on 22 - 25 March 2022 in Mainz.
March 19th, 2021:
Register now for GiRyd Status Workshop 2021 (05-07 May 2021, online event)! Registration closes 04 April 2021.
March 20th, 2020:
GiRyd Status Workshop 2020 UPDATE: The workshop will be conducted ONLINE 23 - 25 March 2020. Download updated programme here.
February 7th, 2020:
Seminar in Tübingen: "Self-Induced Transparency in Room-Temperature Dense Rydberg Gases" (Weibin Li, University of Nottingham, UK)
December 6th, 2019:
Registration for GiRyd Status Workshop 2020 (Mainz, 23-25 March 2020) now open! Register by 31 Januar 2020!
December 1st, 2019:
Open PhD position in GiRyd project "Non-equilibrium phenomena in Rydberg lattice gases with facilitation constraints" (Igor Lesanovsky, Universitaet Tuebingen) - apply by 31 December 2019!
November 12th, 2019:
Seminar in Stuttgart: "0087: The Rydberg Bond!" (Hossein Sadeghpour, Institute for Theoretical Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics, Harvard University, USA)

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