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Quantum control of dissipative multi-partite entanglement generation in Rydberg atoms


Entanglement is a key resource in quantum information science but demonstration of multi-partite entanglement remains an open challenge across physical platforms. Deliberate incorporation of dissipation may robustify entanglement generation protocols against certain types of noise. In these protocols, coherent drives and dissipative dynamics are combined such that the desired entangled state becomes the fixed point of the driven dissipative evolution. For bipartite entanglement, the fidelity of the entangled state preparation can be made arbitrarily accurate by optimally choosing the coherent drive parameters. Whether this approach can be scaled up to entangle many particles remains yet to be seen. Within this project, we seek to exploit the giant interaction between Rydberg atoms in conjunction with quantum optimal control of driven dissipative dynamics to derive protocols for the robust, accurate and fast generation of multi-partite entanglement.

Principal Investigator

Christiane Koch, Freie Universitaet Berlin

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