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September 14th, 2018DFG Priority Program SPP 1929 GiRyd: Call for Proposals (funding period 2)
August 17th, 2018Save the date: GiRyd Status Workshop 2019 (Kaiserslautern, 25 - 28 March 2019)
August 16th, 2018Save the date: Deadline for applications for funding period 2 (04 February 2019) and Review Meeting (22-24 May 2019)
July 31st, 2018Seminar in Rostock: "Ultralong-range Rydberg Molecules: Spin Interactions, External Fields and Symmetry Breaking" (Frederic Hummel, Universität Hamburg) on 31 July 2018
July 2nd, 2018Int. Workshop on strongly interacting, open many-body systems with the emphasis on the Rydberg atoms physics (Crete, Greece, 30 September - 03 October 2018)
June 28th, 2018Seminar in Stuttgart: "Study of Rydberg excitation in thermal atomic vapor" (Ashok Mohapatra, NISER - National Institute of Science Education and Research, India)
June 19th, 2018Seminar in Stuttgart: "Frustrated Iridates as Candidate Quantum Spin Liquids" (Stefano Falletta, Politecnico di Torino)
June 8th, 2018Seminar in Stuttgart: "Optical trapping of ions and atoms for ultracold collision experiments" (Leon Karpa, Universität Freiburg)
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