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March 16th, 2022GiRyd Status Workshop 2022 (22-25 March 2022): Workshop programme now available
February 16th, 2022GiRyd Status Workshop 2022 (Mainz, 22 - 25 March 2022): Preliminary programme now available
November 8th, 2021Online Seminar: "The linewidth broadening of exciton resonances in GaAs-based quantum wells" (Pavel A. Belov, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia)
May 21st, 2021SAVE THE DATE --- The GiRyd Status Workshop 2022 will take place on 22 - 25 March 2022 in Mainz.
March 19th, 2021Register now for GiRyd Status Workshop 2021 (05-07 May 2021, online event)! Registration closes 04 April 2021.
March 20th, 2020GiRyd Status Workshop 2020 UPDATE: The workshop will be conducted ONLINE 23 - 25 March 2020. Download updated programme here.
February 7th, 2020Seminar in Tübingen: "Self-Induced Transparency in Room-Temperature Dense Rydberg Gases" (Weibin Li, University of Nottingham, UK)
December 6th, 2019Registration for GiRyd Status Workshop 2020 (Mainz, 23-25 March 2020) now open! Register by 31 Januar 2020!
December 1st, 2019Open PhD position in GiRyd project "Non-equilibrium phenomena in Rydberg lattice gases with facilitation constraints" (Igor Lesanovsky, Universitaet Tuebingen) - apply by 31 December 2019!
November 12th, 2019Seminar in Stuttgart: "0087: The Rydberg Bond!" (Hossein Sadeghpour, Institute for Theoretical Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics, Harvard University, USA)
November 11th, 2019Seminar in Stuttgart: "QUANTUM MANY-BODY DYNAMICS OF DRIVEN-DISSIPATIVE RYDBERG SYSTEMS" (Tim Pistorius, Leibniz Universität Hannover)
June 12th, 2019Seminar in Stuttgart: "The Optical Vortex: a curious object with promising uses in Nanotechnology" (Guillermo Quinteiro, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Argentina)
April 30th, 2019Registration for GiRyd Review Meeting 2019 now open (closes 30 April 2019)
April 23rd, 2019Seminar in Hamburg: "Long-range Molecules in Alkali Metals: Two-electron R-matrix method at intermediate nuclear distances" (Michal Tarana, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic)
March 29th, 2019Save the date: GiRyd Status Workshop 2020 will be held 23 - 27 March 2020 in Mainz
March 26th, 2019GiRyd for Kids: YouTube influencer, fashion blogger and physics expert "Quantum Kate" explains what a Rydberg atom is!
March 22nd, 2019Updated programme for GiRyd Status Workshop 2019 (Kaiserslautern, 25 - 27 March 2019)
March 21st, 2019Save the date: Review meeting for funding period 2 proposals (22-24 May 2019)
February 25th, 2019Programme for GiRyd Status Workshop (25 - 27 March 2019) is now available!
February 12th, 2019CANCELLATION: Seminar in Mainz: "Quantum computing with atomic qubits" (Mark Saffman, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
February 4th, 2019DFG Priority Program SPP 1929 GiRyd: Call for Proposals (funding period 2)
January 28th, 2019Seminar in Ulm: "The superstatistics of trapped ions" (Ian Rouse, Universität Basel)
January 20th, 2019Registration for GiRyd Status Worksshop 2019 (Kaiserslautern, 25-28 March 2019) is now open! Register by 20 Januar 2019
January 10th, 2019Seminar in Mainz: "Kinetically constrained Rydberg gases - Non-equilibrium processes in continuous and discrete time" (Igor Lesanovsky, University of Nottingham)
December 20th, 2018Seminar in Hamburg: "Atom-electron collisions in negative ion photodetachment and Rydberg molecule photoassociation" (Matt Eiles, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems)
August 17th, 2018Save the date: GiRyd Status Workshop 2019 (Kaiserslautern, 25 - 28 March 2019)
July 31st, 2018Seminar in Rostock: "Ultralong-range Rydberg Molecules: Spin Interactions, External Fields and Symmetry Breaking" (Frederic Hummel, Universität Hamburg) on 31 July 2018
July 2nd, 2018Int. Workshop on strongly interacting, open many-body systems with the emphasis on the Rydberg atoms physics (Crete, Greece, 30 September - 03 October 2018)
June 28th, 2018Seminar in Stuttgart: "Study of Rydberg excitation in thermal atomic vapor" (Ashok Mohapatra, NISER - National Institute of Science Education and Research, India)
June 19th, 2018Seminar in Stuttgart: "Frustrated Iridates as Candidate Quantum Spin Liquids" (Stefano Falletta, Politecnico di Torino)
June 8th, 2018Seminar in Stuttgart: "Optical trapping of ions and atoms for ultracold collision experiments" (Leon Karpa, Universität Freiburg)
June 7th, 2018Seminar in Mainz: "Quantum metrology and quantum simulation with Rydberg atoms" (Jean-Michel Raimond, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France)
May 29th, 2018Updated Programme for GiRyd Status Workshop 2018 (Hamburg, 03 - 06 July 2018) is now available
April 30th, 2018Registration for GiRyd Status Workshop 2018 (Hamburg, 03-06 July 2018) open until 30 April 2018
March 22nd, 2018Seminar in Hamburg: "Polaron physics with ultracold atoms" (Richard Schmidt, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Garching)
February 21st, 2018Seminar in Stuttgart: "Spin couplings in ultralong-range Rydberg molecules: Two applications" (Christian Fey, Universität Hamburg)
February 13th, 2018Seminar in Kaiserslautern: "Effects of degenerate energy levels in long-range Rydberg molecules and doubly excited negative ions" (Matthew Eiles, Purdue University)
February 12th, 2018Seminar in Stuttgart: "Effects of degenerate energy levels in long-range Rydberg molecules and doubly excited negative ions" (Matthew Eiles, Purdue University)
February 9th, 2018Seminar in Tübingen: "High-fidelity quantum gates with Rydberg superatoms: Counting atoms in mesoscopic ensembles" (David Petrosyan, Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser [IESL], Heraklion)
February 5th, 2018Seminar in Hamburg: "Effects of degenerate energy levels in long-range Rydberg molecules and doubly excited negative ions" (Matthew Eiles, Purdue University)
January 30th, 2018Seminar in Garching + LIVESTREAM: "Atomic giants in a new light: Emerging photon interactions from highly excited Rydberg atoms" (Thomas Pohl, Aarhus University)
January 16th, 2018Seminar in Garching + LIVESTREAM: "Experimental many-body physics using arrays of individual Rydberg atoms" (Antoine Browaeys, Laboratoire Charles Fabry de l'Institut d'Optique)
December 15th, 2017Seminar in Tübingen: "New Perspectives in Scientific Publishing" (Alexander Grossmann, Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig)
December 15th, 2017Seminar in Ulm: "A Rydberg optical Feshbach resonance" (Nora Sandor, University of Strasbourg)
November 30th, 2017Seminar in Kaiserslautern: "Polaron physics with ultracold atoms" (Richard Schmidt, Harvard University)
November 9th, 2017Detailed schedule for GiRyd Status Workshop (26 November - 01 December 2017) in Dresden is now available
June 12th, 2017Seminar in Ulm: "Cold atoms in reduced dimensions: resonances, reactions and sensing" (Krzysztof Jachymski,Universität Stuttgart)
May 23rd, 2017Seminar in Darmstadt: "Circular-State Rydberg Atoms and the Proton Radius Puzzle" (George Raithel, University of Michigan)
May 22nd, 2017PhD Tutorials in Mainz: "Field metrology with Rydberg atoms", "High-precision measurements with Rydberg atoms" and "Giant Rydberg molecules and Rydberg-atom imaging" (George Raithel, University of Michigan)
May 17th, 2017Seminar in Ulm: "Circular-State Rydberg Atoms and the Proton Radius Puzzle" (George Raithel, University of Michigan)
May 12th, 2017Seminar in Stuttgart: "Arrested relaxation in an isolated molecular ultracold plasma" (Edward Grant, University of British Columbia)
May 10th, 2017Seminar in Rostock: "Dipole-Dipole interactions in the frozen Rydberg gas" (Thomas F. Gallagher, University of Virginia)
May 3rd, 2017Seminar in Stuttgart: "Realization of two-dimensional quantum walks of neutral atoms" (Geol Moon, University of Bonn)
January 27th, 2017Seminar in Tübingen: "Adiabatic passage in dissipative Rydberg superatoms" (David Petrosyan, Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Heraklion, Greece)
December 20th, 2016Seminar in Stuttgart: "Spatial imaging of Rydberg-atom pairs and Rydberg molecules" (Georg Raithel, University of Michigan)
November 8th, 2016GiRyd: Programme for Kickoff Workshop (13-15 Nov 2016 in Heidelberg)
February 10th, 2016GiRyd Review Meeting 2016 in Bad Honnef, April 6th - 7th
December 21st, 2015GiRyd: Preliminary program of the review meeting April 6 - 7, 2016
June 8th, 2015DFG Priority Program GiRyd: Call for Proposals
March 26th, 2015New Priority Program of the DFG: Giant Interactions in Rydberg Systems (GiRyd)
March 23rd, 2015New DFG priority programme "Giant Interactions in Rydberg Systems (GiRyd)" coordinated by Prof. Tilman Pfau