MYSQL Projects of the SPP GiRyd



A Project area A:
Rydberg Quantum Optics
B Project area B:
Rydberg Aggregates
C Project area C:
Rydberg Interfaces
D Project area D:
Rydberg Many Body Physics


1Many body quantum optics with Rydberg excitonsM. Aßmann, M. Bayer
2Coherent spin dynamics in 2D arrays of Rydberg atomsG. Birkl
3Local and single atom resolved study of non-linear excitation dynamics and dissipation in off-resonantly driven Rydberg gasesI. Bloch
4Optimal preparation of many-body Rydberg statesT. Calarco
5Interacting Rydberg atoms interfaced: Coherence and entanglementA. Eisfeld, J. Rost
6Quantum Hall effect and strongly interacting Rydberg polaritonsM. Fleischhauer
7Long-range Rydberg interactions mediated by a microwave cavity at finite temperatureJ. Fortágh
8Towards controlled interaction of Rydberg excitons in integrated and scalable solid state devicesH. Giessen
9Deterministic preparation of single potassium atoms in microtrap arrays for the quantum simulation of spin systemsC. Groß
10Coherent dynamics of interacting Rydberg excitonsS. Scheel
11Controlling cold atom-ion collisions using Rydberg statesJ. Hecker Denschlag
12From few to many strongly interacting Rydberg polaritonsS. Hofferberth
13Ordered states of Rydberg-dressed ultracold quantum gases in optical latticesW. Hofstetter
14Rydberg atoms inside hollow-core photonic crystal fibresN. Joly, R. Löw, P. Russell
15Quantum structures in Rydberg systemsG. Morigi
16A reaction microscope for few-body Rydberg dynamicsH. Ott
17Heteronuclear Rydberg molecules to study correlated quantum systems and ultracold atom-ion collisionsT. Pfau
18Imaging non-local photon interactions with structured lightT. Pohl, M. Weidemüller
19Polyatomic ultra-long range Rydberg moleculesP. Schmelcher
20Trapped ions excited to Rydberg statesF. Schmidt-Kaler, J. Walz
21Open system quantum simulation with Rydberg atomsH. Weimer
22Rydberg polariton dynamics in quasi one dimensional geometriesP. Windpassinger

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